Terms and conditions of delivery: delivered via crane hiab truck, dropped to council strip/front of driveway without entry to property. If property is entered during delivery there will be no liability for any damage to property including driveway, fencing, turf, gates, paving, buildings etc.

Terms of manufacturing and ordering/purchase:

Subject to availability on textures. Colours may vary due to batch orders- we recommend orders be manufactured in whole lots rather than multiple lots over time. Colours on screen will vary.

Delivery is normally within 3-4 business days and is again subject to availability and order size.

After purchase your order will be confirmed and allocated a delivery date or you can contact concrete sleepers online to confirm availability on line.

Online Ordering:

once your order has been placed you will receive a confirmation form. This form will let you know if the stock is readily available or will have to be manufactured. Manufacturing times will be between 1-2 weeks depending on order size.

Post, concrete mix, again pipe and geo fab can be order and delivered separately so you can get your job started.