Need help in designing or installing your gardening or landscaping dream and don’t know where to start?

Often the best place to start is to consult with a landscape designer, soft-scape landscaper or a structural landscaper.
You should begin with a general idea and pictorial references of your idea before consulting any landscaping experts. It is best to consider what the function of your landscaped area is. Is it a thoroughfare, an extended living space, a functional garden bed…… this will help determine what you should include in your plans. Other things that should also be considered rely on the structural needs of your space. Does your area flood during down pours, do you require drainage, do you require council permissions, do you have to consult your neighbours, do you require struct walls or garden edges, and what are reasonable time frames needed to complete the work you are contemplating.

Once you are ready to go ahead with receiving a quote we suggest you obtain a minimum of four quotes. We have supplied a few soft-scape landscapers and structural landscapers contact details on this site* who are familiar with installing our products to help get you started. Some companies and structural landscapers my offer a general site survey at a cost. This is where a visit to your site is made to access all structural needs of the area. This will often incur a cost but is often helpful, especially to know what questions to ask when get quotes of different landscapers or to understand structural needs if you are installing yourself.

It is important to research your chosen landscaper so you can see the quality of past works and the scope of works that they have done. Also think about pricing and budgeting, this is a good way to compare your quotes. If you receive a very cheap quote, this may mean that not everything has been included or considered. It is best to get everything included listed in your quote, rather than just a general price. Also consider that landscaping will often run into unforeseen problems, it is the nature of such works. So always be aware of extra costs arising during works. It is best to budget accordingly with these considerations.

* Landscapers details supplied for general references only. We suggest you obtain at least four quotes from independent landscapers. Landscapers listed on this site are not employed by Royals and Co. Royals and Co are not responsible for any contracts, contracted works or warranties agreed to with listed landscapers. Any landscaping works contracted through Landscapers listed in this site are the responsibility of the contractor/contracted and are not the responsibility of Royals and Co.